*Sept 16th, 2001
  Paris, France:

My favorite park of Paris is in the 19th arrondissement, called Le Parc Des Buttes. It was designed by a man named Jean-Charles Alphand, who I consider the Walt Disney of the 19th century! In the 1860's, upon the request of Napoleon III, Alphand created a park using dynamite to reshape the land, with rolling green hills, large pillars of rock, and caves with waterfalls flowing out of them. The park reminds me a lot of Tom Sawyer's Island in Disneyland with its many tunnels through rock leading to views of the park. I spent a few hours here walking or just relaxing on one of the many grassy hills, watching kids play and drawing the impressive sights. My favorite is the Temple of Sybil, a gazebo-like structure on the top of a 270 foot cliff which drops straight down into a moat (all created thanks to Mr. Alphand's dynamite.)