*Sept 29th, 2001
  Göttingen, Germany:
After staying for almost a week at a friend's apartment in Munster, I left at 7a and traveled east on a train bound for Berlin. About half way there, I stopped in the small town of Göttingen to meet an "internet friend." Meike and I have been talking online for almost a year, so meeting her in person was a wonderful experience. She is as nice as her emails portray her and as beautiful as the photos she has been sending me. We walked around enjoying the small town's atmosphere. It was a warm Saturday and it brought the locals out from their colorful buildings and into the weekend market to buy fresh produce and flowers. Unfortunately, I only had five hours to spend in this great little town.

It was a tough decision to leave, but I jumped back on a train headed towards Berlin. I arrived at 9pm that night.