*Oct 9th, 2001
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina:

For me, it is hard to get beyond all of the destruction and death caused by the war and see the city for what it is today. This cemetery was near the pension I stayed in. All of the tombstones I looked at were for people who died between 1992-1995. War certainly did shatter this city. The National Library (seen in the center of this shot) is condemned and I was told it might need to be bulldozed to the ground. I found it to be an entrancing building and I spent a lot of time standing across the river from it, studying its architecture and the damage. It was here in 1914 where Prince Ferninand left in his carriage and was assassinated a few hundred yards down the river - igniting World War I. I nicknamed the bridge where it happened the "grassy knoll" of Europe, since the whole scene reminds me of what I've read about John F Kennedy's assassination in Texas. Amid all of the devistation, people here continue on living, moving forward in their lives. Not only that, but they are extremely friendly to all foreigners... except, obviously, Serbs.