*Oct 27th, 2001
Paris, France:

After a long ride in an over-heated night train, I arrived into Paris (again) about 10a. After setting up tent at the campsite I stayed at in September, I explored more of la Ville Lumière. I feel and look different than when I was here about 40 days earlier. Since I have been walking from sun up to sun down just about every day so far, and I have been eating smaller portions than I'm used to in the States, I have dropped weight like mad. (My pants are starting to fall off my waiste!) That, along with my beard and sun tan, made me totally unrecognizable to the campsite employees I chatted with just over a month ago. Then again, they probably see a hundred different backpackers a day...

This photo is of an outdoor symphony on rue St Michele in front of the Sorbonne - one of thousands of reasons why I love Paris. These people must be students or professionals because they were amazing.