*Nov 13th, 2001
Bucharest, Romania:

My time in Iasi was over and I was ready to move on. Marius and I went south for an afternoon in Romania's capital before continuing on to his hometown, Pitesti. Many people have told me that they hated Bucharest for its crowds, dirt and stray dogs. I either saw none of this or I was simply used to it after living in Romania for 15 days. Either way, Marius and I had a great time walking around the historical district of the city, once known as "Little Paris" for its architecture.

This photo was taken with Marius' digital camera. I chose this one over the 60 other pics I took that day for its seemingly water-like quality. The fluidity of the people rushing about like ants in the metro captured Romania's desire to succeed as a country. After 13 years since they replaced their megalomaniacal president Ceausescu, they are still trying to clean up the mess and become a self-sufficient country.