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Sperlonga, Italy at sunset

"A journal of feelings elevates your trip from a mere sightseeing excursion to an archetypal hero's journey. Keeping a chronicle of your feelings gives you the opportunity to trace the movements of your heart as you make your way. It transforms a trip of discovery into a journey of self-discovery."

- Joseph Dispenza
The Way of the Traveler


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  M y  r e a l  J o u r n a l s

Although I do not write a journal regularly, I am a huge believer in journal writing on journeys. They are a way of capturing the thoughts, feelings and moments of the trip - many that you will surprisingly forget about otherwise. I started my journal taking as a way to keep track of what places I went to, transportation I took, people I met, etc. It wasn't very much - maybe a page or two of notes per day.

But in a period of a few days, my scribbles became sentences, my lists became paragraphs. Pretty soon, I couldn't stop writing. Rather than start each entry with just the date, I included the time as well. I was completely addicted.

In this section, I will share with you parts of my journals I made during my European trip and help you design your own adventure journal. I don't at all think I am any sort of journal specialist, so you can take my advice or leave it. But I must say that I treasure my journals more than any other thing I brought back from overseas. They are quite literally my memories on paper.

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