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  A journal should not only record what you see on your journey, but also equally as important aspects: smells, tastes, textures, and sounds. And there are plenty of other things that you can record (which Iíll get into later). It is easy to simply keep a list of what you did during your traveling days. (Examples: "Woke up. Had breakfast. Went to the Louvre. Walked down to the Notre Dame.") Believe it or not, without a good journal, you might forget the details of what you felt or thought when you were exploring. So listing your feelings, your thoughts, and even what seems like inconsequential details at the time, will re-ignite the experiences in your heart, mind, and soul as if they happened yesterday.

  I became obsessed with writing in my journal. I would carry it wherever I went and write little notes in it throughout the day. I would start every entry with the time and then go from there. Some entries would be a couple of words while others would be a page and a half long.

  There are just as many ways of making a journal as there are ways to take a trip. Adventures are made by you and what you do, not by where you go and what you see. The same can be said about a journal. The more you apply yourself to diligent journal work, the more it will give back to you weeks, months, even years later.

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